Dither I

DITHER is an experimental installation that explores the body as form in the digital age through the combination of 3D software and traditional film making techniques. Through our body we interact with the world giving us a voice, our senses and an ability to connect with others, but in an online world where we can create our own virtual bodies and identities - what importance does the physical human body have today? It could be said that a vast number of people on this earth communicate to each other behind an avatar or a coded image [jpeg / png / gif ] via social media, email, messaging services or video. Do we hide behind our digital avatar and do these digital depictions become more valuable than our physical form when we try to create an identity for ourselves?
This was a collaboration with Visual Artist Kev Freeney

The score for this installation is made by Sean Cooley of CLU.


Installation Model of DITHER I :